About Us

Our mission is to enable everyone to live a longer and healthier life

In the last 100 years, humans have almost doubled our expected lifespan but not our healthspan. We are here to change that.


We want to make 50 the new 30 and 80 the new 60...

Our belief is that everyone should be empowered to build a healthier longer life. We are crafting a platform at the intersection of longevity science and behavioural science, to help people to feel younger and healthier at every stage of life.

Our Story


While studying to become a doctor, CEO of Zest Julia became aware of the problems inherent in the traditional medical system. Rather than treating aging as a disease, the symptoms of aging are treated largely independently, with older adults often bounced between medical departments until eventually they succumb to one illness or another. We want to change this by tackling aging at its root cause and keeping people healthy and disease-free for longer.

Izaak is a biohacker with over a decade of experience crafting elegant software and beautiful digital products. He is an expert in behavioural science and is passionate about building engaging software to help you stick to life-extending habits.

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